Nordic Skiing wraps students in cold, loving embrace

Although the harsh winter chill is enough to scare most students away from the St. Paul Academy and Summit School Nordic Skiing team, junior Charlie Rosenblum loves every minute spent out in the cold with his team. “I want people at SPA to know that even though it’s in the freezing cold, skiing is still a fun sport to do,” Rosenblum said. He especially enjoys the welcoming nature of the team, and the fact that it is easy to have fun, even if you’re not a fantastic skier. “My favorite thing about skiing is that even if you’re new to skiing, it’s still a lot of fun and you get to meet awesome people.” Rosenblum said. Rosenblum and the rest of the ski team welcome any new members with open arms, and urge students to look past the cold and try this fun and engaging sport.