Boys Varsity Baseball weathers the weather


Aditi Kulkarni

The Boys Varsity Baseball huddle together during the 2011-2012 season. This year, the snow has delayed their season, forcing them to postpone all of their games so far.

Despite inconvenient weather, the boys varsity baseball team is confident in the strides they have made as a team so far, and the strides they believe they will continue to make. Junior Nick Hoffmann recognizes the struggle the rain and snow has caused the team, “we’ve had a lot of games get cancelled due to the weather, which has really destroyed our season, so we’re gonna have to have a lot of double-headers and make-up games.” Hoffmann said. However, his confidence in his teammates overpowers annoyance of unfavorable weather conditions. “We’ve got a really good team this year, all of our starters are returning, so we’re gonna have a great season. I think we’re gonna have a really good chance at state.” Hoffmann said. Hoffmann and other players look forward to the rest of what has been a slow, yet enjoyable baseball season. “It’s a family. Really close-knit. Baseball is a really verbal sport. It’s just a good time,” Hoffmann said.