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It’s Scholastic Journalism Week: What does scholastic journalism mean to me?

What does journalism mean to me?

For Scholastic Journalism Week, staffers from IbidThe Rubicon, and RubicOnline shared what journalism meant to them. Take a look at what they had to say below by hovering over each image.

Bobby Verhey, RubicOnline Social Media Manager
Elizabeth Trevathan, RubicOnline News
Will Schavee, RubicOnline Sports
Martha Sanchez, RubicOnline Sports
Annika Rock, RubicOnline Feature
Jenny Ries, The Rubicon A&E
Lynn Reynolds, RubicOnline Production Manager
Maren Ostrem, The Rubicon Opinions
Melissa Nie, Director of RubicOnline
Charlie Johnson, The Rubicon News
Sam Hanson, Aureus EIC
Lucia Granja, RubicOnline A&E
Adrienne Gaylord, The Rubicon Illustrator
Quinn Christensen, The Rubicon EIC
Elle Chen, RubicOnline Feature
Lara Cayci, RubicOnline Opinions
Henry Burkhardt, Video Editor
Lucy Benson, The Rubicon Managing Editor
Julia Baron, The Rubicon News
Salah Abdulkarim, The Rubicon Sports
Leona Barocas, Ibid
Evan Reynolds, Ibid AEIC

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