Fortunately, Szaj is still intact after her traumatic camp experience. Summer camp time is often spent telling scary ghost stories.

Tap tap on the cabin window

Junior Olivia Szaj recounts a ghost story from nearly a decade ago:

“Okay, so I was at camp one year, and we were telling ghost stories in the cabin because that’s what you do at camp at night. So, we heard like this very light tapping out the window, and it scared us very very badly, but it kept happening every time we got to a really scary part of the story. We went outside and [found out] it was one of the boys cabins, and then we were yelling at them for a while about it. But, we found out they had only tapped on the window three times but we had heard it at least seven [times]. That was super sketch, kind of, anti-climactic but that’s my ghost story. [The ghost story] was about a couple campers who went missing one year. It was about like this weird screaming that’s always heard on the athletic field at night. I thought I heard screaming, but it probably just cuz I was scared,” Szaj said.

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