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Atlanta based rappers, Migos, would not be the popular success they are today without the work of Kirsnick Khari Ball, more commonly known as Takeoff. Takeoff is easily the unique member of the group with his flow that uses syncopation and a wide vocabulary in order to create rhythms with his words that no other rapper today can match.

This combined with Ball’s loyalty and commitment to the group make him the premier member of the Migos.

Ball has not seen the same individual success as his counterparts Offset and Quavo, however, this is not a detriment, this adds to Takeoff’s value to the group. With his focus on the group’s work, it is clear that Ball is the best team player in the group.

Takeoff raps with a style that is completely distinguishable from all other rappers. A Quavo verse can be confused with an Offset verse and vice versa, but there is no mistaking a Takeoff verse.

Syncopations find a home in any of Takeoff’s work. This syncopation is almost certainly an homage to the work of famous jazz percussionists in the heyday of jazz. Showing Takeoff’s understanding of where this music came from.

It is hard to omit Takeoff’s absence in “Bad and Boujee,” Migos’ first chart-topping hit. The group thought that Lil Uzi Vert’s presence would bring the song, and therefore the group, to a different level of success. That calculation was correct and has been fruitful to the group as a whole.

“Versace” is the breakout song for Migos and upon its release, Offset was in prison and the song required Takeoff’s flow to become successful. Without Takeoff’s verse, Toronto based rapper, Drake, would not have taken notice and made the group big.

Further, looking at “Pipe it Up,” one of the first widely known Migos songs, Takeoff’s verse is the most impactful. With lines such as “Now remember, for we made this song, nobody said pipe it up/Next thing we dropping, we gon’ mess em up, have everybody screaming pipe it up.”

This analysis is a highly calculated self-fulfilling prophecy that continues Takeoff’s ability to take the long view in trying to make his group successful.

Through his weaknesses, it is easy to find Takeoff’s strengths. He is a team player with a uniqueness and genuineness that is unmatched. This separates him from Quavo and Offset and puts him firmly as the best rapper of the Migos.

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