Claire Hallaway

Ryan Moore: Boys Basketball

As a member of the boys varsity basketball team for three years now, the feeling of dribbling a basketball has become second nature. Senior Ryan Moore is the captain of the team and is excited to see what the new season holds.
“Our goals for the past few years haven’t changed much. Definitely to just get better and to be playing really good basketball by the end of the season. I think [our goals] will probably uphold because we’re already starting to play pretty well so I’m looking forward to seeing how far we’ll be able to go,” Moore said.
Moore has been able to get comfortable in the defensive position, as he has stayed in the same position ever since he started playing basketball in fifth grade. Moore has also quickly picked up on the responsibilities that come with being in a solidified position of leadership.
“In terms of actual positions, I’m a center. I play defense and do a lot of help defense in the lane. And in terms of the team dynamic, I’m a captain. So I’m one of the leaders, and I’m at a senior this is my third year on varsity, so I kinda know the drill,” Moore said.

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