Project for Pride in Living

Project for Pride in Living is a housing and social services non-profit in the Twin Cities.

“Our two main focus areas are housing with services and employment readiness serving the low-income communities in St Paul,” a representative for PPL said.

One of the options available is to tutor individual students in an after-school youth program at four different sites in the Twin Cities. Volunteers work with the student in a larger room alongside other volunteers.

“We also operate two high schools for students that have not found success in traditional high schools, and students can volunteer there,” the representative said.

Volunteers can help hold food drives at the high schools, where families can get food and meet other families. To be a tutor, students have to fill out an online application, complete a 15 minute phone interview, and submit two professional references. At that point, there is a training session on a variety of different topics that are applicable outside of volunteering as well. Project for Pride in Living has the greatest need for volunteers in St Paul Payne-Phalen and North Minneapolis neighborhoods.

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