[PHOTO STORY] Thursday’s Democratic debate shined light on candidate’s priorities

The recent debate sparked an interesting conversation for students and raised ideas about the current political climate.

September 13, 2019

Ten democratic candidates and their discussion was broadcasted live from Texas Southern University in Houston this Thursday night from 8-11 pm E.S.T.

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Ultimately, the 3rd Democratic debate helped to differentiate between the democratic candidates, which made it effective for the SPA community: “I got to know the candidates better,” 9th grader George Peltier said.

Senior Henry Burton agreed with Peltier. “It was interesting to hear different perspectives within the democrats.” 

However, as the debate took place on a Thursday night, during the school week, many students were not able to watch the debate.

“I was planning on watching it last night, but then I was swamped with homework, so I am going to watch a recap tonight,” sophomore Ellie Dawson-Moore said Friday after the debate.

The 4th Democratic Debate is planned to take place Oct. 15, and could extend to Oct. 16. 

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