Hazel Waltenbaugh

Lilith Greene-Friedman goes for a sporty 90s-inspired look. “My inspiration was Olivia Newton John form the “Let’s Get Physical” music video. I just felt that as a dodgeball ref, it would really fit well,” she said.

Junior class creates 90s-inspired looks for decades day

Today, Spartans took a blast to the past for the classic decades-themed dress-up day. Each grade was to replicate the fashion from a different decade: the 70s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s. While much of the community stepped up and showed their Spartan spirit with retro looks, the junior class found that their theme, the 90s, was simple to recreate, which led to lots of grade-level participation. As the fashion trends for that time were constantly changing from flannels and oversized clothing to scrunchies and crop tops, many students thought that it was easy to find items in their closets to align with the theme.

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