Senior Jackson Small scares with story of a light gone bad.

Lights out, ghosts out

The dark is home to every fear the imagination can conjure up and Jackson Small is no stranger to an active imagination. Small recounts an experience walking home after watching a scary movie with some of his family.

“Oh, there was one thing that was just, it was kind of weird, me, my brother and my cousin went to watch the movie Lights Out, which is this horror movie about this ghost, they’re not really a ghost but this figment of someone’s imagination that can only survive in the nighttime, or just darkness in general, and it was pretty scary. But then, we were leaving the movie theater and walking back to my house and it was about a mile, after, while we were walking there was a street lamp. That is just the only street lamp on the street and right as we’re under it, it just like flashes off, like, Dang. you basically just have to run home in that situation.”

Q: Are you afraid of ghosts now?

No, not really, but like even this morning I turned on my lights in my hallway to make sure like I wasn’t going to step on my dog or something but then I turned it off because I just keep the lights off when I’m gone. And, I don’t know, it’s always just in the back of my head. And just like I don’t know whenever I go upstairs I kind of just go a little faster if it’s darker and I, like, look over my shoulder. Well, it’s weird cuz it’s just always a small thing in my mind and I’m always thinking, ‘if you don’t think it’s real, then you won’t be scared of it.’ So that’s kind of my mindset towards it.”

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