[Illustrated Interview] Rindelaub expresses fears, family and favorites

March 6, 2018

Dogs or cats? What seems scary? In this Illustrated Interview, 9th grader Saffy Rindelaub answers a series of eight questions, with her responses sketched below.

9th grader Saffy Rindelaub shares her fashion icon, family members and pet preferences in this Illustrated Interview.

Mimi Geller


Where were you born?

“Okinawa, Japan. My parents were in the air force, so they were stationed there.”

Mimi Geller


What scares you?

“Needles,” Rindelaub said.

Mimi Geller

How many people are in your family?

“Four,” Rindelaub said.

Mimi Geller

What’s your favorite app for social media?

“Snapchat. I use that one the most,” Rindelaub said. Mimi Geller

Who is your fashion icon?

“Kendall Jenner,” Rindelaub said.

Mimi Geller

Dogs or cats?

“Dogs, I have two. Their names are Maddie and Ziva,” Rindelaub said.

Mimi Geller

How would you describe yourself physically?

“Tall-ish,” Rindelaub said. Mimi Geller

What’s a sport that you enjoy, but don’t play?

“Basketball. I used to play it, though,” Rindelaub said.

Mimi Geller

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  • P

    PatrickMar 7, 2018 at 11:42 am

    Loved it! Cool concept and I feel like I learned a lot about my friend Saffy.