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SIGN HERE. HerSpace co-leader Clara Bagnoli hosts the LYBD table in lower Schilling on Sept. 26.

HerSpace hosts annual Love Your Body Day

Eyes. Legs. Stomach. Hands. Boobs. These words adorn post-its on the outlined figure representing features people love about themselves.

The product of an annual event, the female-identifying student affinity group HerSpace hosted Love Your Body Day, an event promoting body positivity. On Sept. 26. Student leaders Clara Ann Bagnoli and Audrey Leatham set up in Lower Schilling during x-period with the help of faculty advisor Nan Dreher.

While the event was going on, students of all grades and genders stopped by to put up a post-it or two. The poster was covered in a rainbow of sticky notes by the time the event ended.

It now hangs on an inward-facing window in the upper library where students can see it as they walk through the hallway.

Dreher was pleased that Love Your Body Day attracted a varied group of participants. “[Body positivity is] definitely an issue that is big for women, and we’re a female-identifying group… But also, at the same time, [Love Your Body Day is] something everyone in the community can participate in,” Dreher said.

Bagnoli was also excited about seeing all the students that came by. “I really look forward to the engagement of the community,” she said. “I really like how everyone can contribute.”

Leatham shared similar sentiments: “I look forward to seeing the people that show up, whether or not… they’re in the affinity group,” she said.

Bagnoli and Leatham admitted that setting up the event this year was harder than in years past, especially because the group felt a bit rushed. “I feel like this year was really difficult, because we kind of just jumped right in,” Leatham said. Bagnoli added that “tutorials have been… difficult.” She noted that HerSpace has had to work around special schedule days and that some prospective group members couldn’t always attend because of the group’s tutorial meeting time.

However, Dreher notes that the group has had a membership rebound this year compared to the pandemic era. “There’s a lot of energy and excitement, so it’s great to be a part of that,” she said.

HerSpace meets alternate Thursday tutorials in the ninth-grade history room. Attendance is open to all female-identifying students.

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