Banned or not? TikTok continues to receive attention

September 20, 2020

TikTok, a social networking platform owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has become a sensation to youth and the general public around the world. For Gen Z and even some Millennials, the app provides space for entertainment, learning, and creativity. Initially, the ban on downloading TikTok in US App Stores, announced by the Trump administration, was set for effect today. The reasoning: due to the possible threats against National Security and breached personal data. However, at the very last moment, Trump made his ban on TikTok null and void; instead, claiming that Oracle and Walmart will buy American TikTok and be in control of Americans’ personal data management. Trump did not mention that Oracle and Walmart will only own 20% of  TikTok, while 80% will still in the hands of ByteDance. The constant on and off news about the ban on TikTok has been circulating in the air for quite a while now and thus, cancellation of Trump’s orders doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Below are some student thoughts on TikTok.


TikTok is a platform that allows friends to create content all while having fun. In this photo, junior Katherine Bragg and her friend spent quality time together making and then sharing this dance. (Elle Chen)

TikTok is my creativity outlet because…

Junior Katherine Bragg: There are many different video editing effects and sound options that let me edit and film videos in any way I want.

Sophomore Hobbs Lillygreen: It allows me to express myself freely.

Junior Lulu Priede: I find it funny and a place where I can go to laugh or learn something if my day has been overwhelming.

9th Grader Natalie Vogenthaler: I can find a video or make one on anything I want. I can find an art video, make a dancing video, or find funny videos to laugh about.

Tik Tok is my creativity outlet because… (Elle Chen)

TikTok is important to me because…

Bragg: It’s a social media app I can fully be myself on and post fun things I wouldn’t normally post on other platforms.

Lillygreen: It brings me happiness and it teaches me a lot.

Priede: It has connected me with people I never would have known and I got the privilege of meeting them and becoming friends.

Vogenthaler: It provides a safe place to relax and watch some of your favorite videos and learn some new dances.

TikTok is important to me because… (Elle Chen)

I would feel … if and when TikTok gets banned because…

Bragg: Sad because it’s a really fun app to scroll through and I love making videos just as much as I love watching them.

Lillygreen: Frustrated because it allows the spread of information among Gen Z.

Priede: Bummed but it’s not my main source of creativity so I wouldn’t be heartbroken. I definitely think there are bigger issues in our world right now than TikTok which is frustrating to me but that’s a different story.

Vogenthaler: Sad and gloomy because I wouldn’t know what else to do if I got bored, and I wouldn’t get to share those same laughs with friends anymore.

I would feel … if and when TikTok gets banned because… (Elle Chen)

It [makes sense/ doesn’t make sense] that TikTok is getting banned because…

Bragg: It makes sense because there are algorithms the app uses that can be a breach of security.

Lillygreen: It doesn’t make sense because there are more important issues than China “stealing” data and information.

Priede: It makes sense because it has had its highs and lows. I think it’s much more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds than people realize. However, I think it’s a fun space and a relaxing one too.

Vogenthaler: It doesn’t make sense that TikTok is getting banned because for me TikTok hasn’t been a problematic social media platform.

It makes sense/ doesn’t make sense that TikTok is getting banned because…
(Elle Chen)
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