WOMEN IN SPORTS. Speaker Anna Goorevich focused her talk on the importance of Title IX, pay equity, and women coaching across collegiate athletics.

Anna Goorevich dives into the world of sports

Anna Goorevich is a Ph.D. student in the School of Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota. Having played Division-3 soccer in college, Goorevich focuses her work on the role of gender in coaching duties, equity in sport leadership, and the participation of girls and women in sports. Working at the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, Goorevich centered her talk on her work while highlighting the issues and tendencies of the past and current sports world. Using data tracked by the Tucker Center, Goorevich used many graphs and plot points to show the disparities between women and men in sports. Overall participation, the wage gap, and the consistency of women coaching in men’s and women’s sports were common themes throughout the talk.

“I thought the talk was super interesting, as it taught me a lot about the disparities revolving around gender in sports. I previously knew about these issues, but all of the data, graphs, and backgrounds that were provided during the talk really outlined the significance of these issues and the overall problems with the sports world,” senior Jack O’Brien said.

Goorevich’s talk highlighted the many issues in the world of sports, from high school to professional, and how these differences and gaps will hopefully shrink. This new perspective and insight, specifically for sports, opened up new thoughts and beliefs regarding the gender gap.

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