2022 Homecoming Dodgeball Tournament brings energy, spirit

September 22, 2022

Students and staff filled the stands on both sides of the gym waiting for Dodgeball to start. The tournament was made up of several different teams of eight with names ranging from Graduation to The Wrecking Ballers. The games included no headshots, no crossing feet over the line when throwing, and most other generic dodgeball rules.

The first game was between Dababy’s Cousin’s Friends, a group primarily consisting of seniors, and The Skittles, a team of underclassmen with something to prove… It was a short battle as DaBaby’s Cousin’s Friends wasted no time taking care of business..

The second game was another senior vs. freshman matchup, with Nicki Minaj’s Cousins’ Friends going up against the Groovy Gooferz. Groovy Gooferz player Bokii Mullataa was able to stand strong as the last-man-standing before Nicki Minaj’s Cousin’s Friends got the hit they were looking for and advanced to the next round.

The next match, The Drillas vs. The Wrecking Ballers, quickly escalated with The Wrecking Ballers backing up against their side of the court. A refereeing error extended the game by a few seconds, but the junior-heavy Drillas team made quick work of the remaining player.

The final elite eight matchup was between Graduation and The Dodegsaurs – a team that had new Head of School Dr. Ottley on their side. Ottley did his best to dodge shots from all sides, but Graduations efficiency with seven of eight players still in the game proved to be too much for Ottley. It was a quick win for Graduation, who were decked out in custom white jerseys with royal blue eye black. Only one member was eliminated during the round, but George Peltier took a fall during their group celebration.

The Drakes played the Winner of the wild card game. Roberto Velez from the Drakes team was knocked to the floor by a ball as the tension grew in the match. The Drakes were able to stand strong and advanced to the next round.

The Next game was between Nicki Minaj’s Cosuins’s Freinds and Graduation. It lasted a few minutes longer than the rest of the games while being packed with action. It began with group huddles and loud celebrations echoing throughout the gym. Seniors Julia Colbert and William Moran tried to fight off the six remaining Graduation players, but it seemed to be too much to handle, as Graduation eliminated both and advanced to the championship game.

The tournament was super fun. I think Graduation will pull out the win.

— Finn Sullivan

The final game of the day was The Drillas against The Drakes. This game, which held incredible dodges and throws from both sides, was the longest of the day.. It looked like a clear win for the Drillas after having Georgia Ross as the only Drake left, but Ezra Straub was let back in after Ross caught a lofted throw. The game held the loudest cheers of all the others and continued as they chanted Ross’s name after Ezra was hit again. In the end, The Drakes won with a final shot from Ross. The crowd exploded and flooded onto the court – a true underdog story.

The finals will be played between The Drakes and Graduation at the pep rally tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. in the gym. The winner of this game will face off against the confident faculty squad.

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