Pause Netflix and get moving: home workouts for every ability

With quarantine becoming a daily life, it is important to be aware of personal health and overall activity. Even though unplugging by watching Netflix and sleeping more than usual may fill a day, take some time to be active and productive. Here is a list of three different workouts that are all on different levels of difficulty. The beginner level is designed to have all people no matter their age be able to complete it. It includes mainly stretches and some core and arm strength. The intermediate is designed for the average adult, it includes a full-body workout and a sprint at the end. The advanced is meant for a pretty active person, who is able to endure a longer workout and be able to do sprints at the end. These workouts are not long at all, they should take up to 30 minutes, so take some time out of your day to be active and get out of bed.

Beginner level

Leg stretch

Arm Stretch

Hamstring stretch

20 Knee-to-chest stretch

10 sit-ups

30-sec plank

Intermediate Level

Plank for 45 s

10 push-ups

10 jump squats

25 sit-ups



Advanced level

2 min plank

15 burpees

25 jump squats

30 sit-ups

1 min bicycle

20 leg lifts