Winter weather piles on snow (and stress) as break plans change


The National Weather service snows a band of snow heading for the Twin Cities tonight. It could drop up to 10" before noon on Wednesday.

On Tuesday and into Wednesday, there is expected to be up to 12 inches of snow heading toward the Twin Cities. This large snowstorm falls right on the start of Thanksgiving break and is resulting in confusion and cancelations for many planned vacations for students and their families. 

We have to leave early on Wednesday for our trip to Chicago because of the snow.”

— Finn Sullivan

“I am worried that my flight will get canceled to Toronto because of how much snow we are supposed to get,” ninth grader Simon Assefa said. 

At MSP Airport, only Delta flights have been restricted as a precaution due to the incoming snowstorm. The large number of snow is expected to affect travel throughout the whole weekend, and many other airlines are predicted to cancel and delay flights for Thanksgiving getaways. 

“We have to leave early on Wednesday for our trip to Chicago because of the snow,” ninth grader Finn Sullivan said. 

“My trip to Rochester was canceled because my mom doesn’t want me taking the bus there with so much snow,” ninth Grader Hazel Waltenbaugh said.

If predictions are correct, this will be the biggest November storm in nine years.

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