USC provides a new take on attendance


Tristan Hitchens-Brookins

Senior Jenny Sogin signs in at the US office.

USC is revamping the attendance policy to clear up any ambiguity and match the policy to the current student body. USC co-president Nora Povejsil and representative Tom Jaeger elaborate on what the policy is about. They plan on making changes that help the student body understand why and what cause detentions.  

“There are a lot of outdated rules. For example, students can get a lateness from a blizzard, so we’re trying to clear up any ambiguity in the policy. We’re trying to make the rules match and apply to our reality,” Jaeger said.

“USC wants to make changes in the attendance policy. First, make it so that seniors don’t have to check in if they are free first. Second, that you should not get a detention for missing one class,” Povejsil said.

Povejsil and Jaeger clear up different aspects of the new policy that could change how teachers and administration determine lateness and hand out detentions. Jaeger talked about the process and current status of the policy.

“We drafted it and proposed it to the community and our feedback was generally positive, so we’re discussing it with the administration,” Jaeger said.

We drafted it and proposed it to the community and our feedback was generally positive

— Tom Jaeger

The SPA community seems pleased by the policy and changes it may cause for students, lateness, and attendance. Povejsil explained why USC decided to fix and alter the attendance policy.

“We’re doing this because there are factors and difficulties that students face in the morning that affect their attendance when it shouldn’t,” Povejsil said.

USC is changing the policy because the current policy does not reflect all students abilities to get to class. The new policy will accurately take outside factors into account when assigning latenesses and attendance.