Upcoming Sadie’s dance to include everyone


There has been excitement and confusion about the upcoming Sadie’s dance scheduled for May 10. The Sadie’s mix and match dance will defy the gender norms by encouraging the ladies to do the asking.

However, the school won’t strictly adhere to the classic Sadie’s format and will include all forms of asking. Any combination, including a group of friends of course is encouraged to fit the theme of mixing and matching. The concept includes complementary or identical costumes; for example, a nurse and doctor to “mix,” or identical clothing or costumes to “match.”

Prizes will be awarded to the couple, group, or individual who sports the best costume ensemble. The dance will be deejayed by members of SAC using a playlist compiled by the student body. Suggestions are welcomed. The dance will be held in the lunch room from 8:00-10:30 p.m. on May 10.

NOTE:  Jackson Lea is also on the Student  Activities Committee.