Track team keeps up the competition after meet cancellation

Isabel Gisser, Production Manager

A little bit of rain won’t deter the track team. After a weather induced cancellation of their April 21 senior night, the team kept up the competition with a mock meet. All the athletes began the meet by running a 400m time trial which was then followed by regular event scheduling, including long jump, high jump, and hurdles.

“My favorite part about track is how after I do the sprinting workouts like hills or 200s, I get to do high jump. It’s really fun. I just started working with Coach Marshal, who’s one of the middle school coaches. He’s really good at teaching us what to do, and I feel like I’m going to progress,” said junior Alessandra Costalonga, who has high hopes for the state competition. “My goal for state is 5’2”– if I get to state– mid-season is about 5’8”,” she said. Costalonga isn’t the only optimistic athlete; the entire team has an incredibly positive outlook on their sport.

“Our team is smaller than other schools’ in our conference, but I feel like we’ve done a really good job of cheering. We’re the best team in our conference for cheering. Everybody gets up and cheers for everybody– it’s a great atmosphere, so I really like track,” said sophomore Jasmine White.

The track team is keeping up this spirit with a dinner on April 30. “I don’t feel too bad about missing [senior night] since our dinner tonight is probably just as good of an opportunity for our team to relax and spend time together, if not better,” said senior Tom Jaeger.