Top five RubicOnline Beats of 2020

Every member of staff is assigned a beat that they follow throughout the school year. Beats are unique sustained coverage topics and stories that cover a wide variety of sections and topics ranging from news to feature stories. Below are our top five beat series of 2020.

1. COVID-19 Update (Mimi Huelster)

COVID-19 Updates and COVID-19 statistics are posted weekly on the Rubicon’s social media platforms.


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2. The5 (Annika Rock)

The 5 is a weekly digest of local, national and international news.

3. 60 SECOND NEWS (Bobby Verhey)
Senior Bobby Verhey gives an update on this week’s current events.

4. SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS (Elizabeth Trevathan)
A series of monthly stories covering topics on sustainability and ethics around the world.

According to the Fair World Project Organization, Starbucks was asked for two decades to end slave labor at their farms and commit to fair trade like many other coffee shops and coffee shop chains have been able to uphold. (Starbucks’ Press Center)


Community Service Spotlights are a series of feature stories and beats focusing on students and their activities and services for the community.

For Raveen and Rahman, volunteering includes handling phone banks, text banks, communication, and events. (Submitted by Aman Rahman)