Tibbetts’ playlist crosses generations and genres

Junior Miriam Tibbetts playlists come straight from emotional influence: When Im looking for songs I look for songs that make me feel something, even if I dont know why, she said.

Junior Miriam Tibbetts’ playlists come straight from emotional influence: “When I’m looking for songs I look for songs that make me feel something, even if I don’t know why,” she said.

Paul Watkins, Staff Writer

1. The Replacements – Alex Chilton

“It’s my favorite Replacements song because it was written for a friend of The Replacements that died… I think that songs that are written for specific people mean more.”

2. Soul Asylum – Black Gold

“I first discovered Soul Asylum when we saw them live at the Cedar Cultural Center last year and I decided to look up their music and I really like this song.”

3. Dessa – Fighting Fish

“When I’m looking for songs I look for songs that make me feel something even if I don’t know why… Fighting Fish immediately captured my attention.”

4. Howler – This One’s Different

“It’s just one of those songs that I can jam out to.”

5. Atmosphere – Kanye West

“Sometimes I listen to a song for one line and for this song the line ‘put your hands in the air like you really do care’ makes me laugh.”

6. Trip Shakespeare – Turtledove

“This one one of my favorite childhood songs. I used to listen to it a lot in elementary school so this is one of my favorites.”

7. Jeff Buckley – Lover, You Should’ve Come Over

“So this song in general, it’s my favorite Jeff Buckley song. His voice is just so soulful and passionate and honest. I can’t help but to just listen to that song.”

8. Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne

“Leonard Cohen, though his voice isn’t super melodic, he always just kind of gets into your head and that song is so catchy that I just have to love it.”

9. Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower

“The lyrics in this song really mean something to me and I just really appreciate everything Jimi Hendrix is about and everything he does in this song.”

10. Tim Buckley – Once I Was

“Tim Buckley, who is Jeff Buckley’s father, had an amazing voice. This has been my favorite song for so many years now.”

11. White Rabbits – Percussion Gun

“It’s got one of the best drumlines I’ve ever heard. My sister and brother and I used to always dance around to this when I was young.”

12. XTC – Dear God

Dear God is one of my favorite songs because it’s so sarcastic and cynical and it was so out there when it was recorded. I just really appreciate XTC as a whole.”

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