Thursday clubs appoint new leaders as seniors leave


Annie Bottern

Sophomore Janie Brunell will take over as SADD's new president during next year. She hopes to bring greater awareness to the community about destructive decisions and their repercussions.

As the seniors leave for senior projects, Thursday clubs appoint new leaders. Many clubs are potentially taken over by juniors, who are looking forward to more responsibilities during senior year. During this past school year, Students Against Destructive Decisions was led by seniors Justine Miller, Lauren Hansen and Oona Prozinski. The club voted sophomore Janie Brunell to be SADD’s new president during the 2017-18 school year. Brunell has been on SADD since her ninth grade year and served as the Vice President during her sophomore year. SADD works on bringing awareness to students in the community about destructive decisions and their potential repercussions.

“As president, I want to bring awareness to issues that are happening specifically in our community but also issues that affect all of Minnesota. We are planning an assembly about rape culture for next year,” Brunell said.

Brunell plans on improving SADD by meeting more and being more productive.

“While it’s important to have fun while working, I think we need to work harder and be more productive in our meetings since we only meet once a week on Thursdays. Next year, I think we will have agendas to follow so that we can stay focused during our meetings. [sophomore Co-Vice presidents] Emma Sampson and Jennie Verhey will help me write those as we plan the meetings,” Brunell said.

Sophomore Will Swanson will be taking over PLAY during the next school year after being on the club since ninth grade. Swanson is looking forward to having a leadership position in PLAY and working more with other club members.

“I haven’t had a superior role yet in the club except for helping the [previous] presidents at times, so I’m excited to be in charge next year. I hope to get to know the younger students and help them become future leaders,” Swanson said.

Swanson’s biggest goal for the upcoming year is to recruit more members to PLAY.

“I think that it’s important for students to relieve stress during the day by running around, and PLAY will help organize more sports and activities during X-Periods and tutorials,” Swanson said.