The Power of Questions: Mia Litman

“This is Emma Sampson and today I’ll be asking one student to answer the questionnaire from James Lipton.

“So, with me today I have Mia Litman, a senior at St. Paul Academy and Summit School, and a fun fact about Mia is that she has been to six different countries.

“You ready for the questions Mia?”


“Okay, perfect. Alright,  first question;

1. What is your favorite word?

“Uh… happy.”

“Happy. And also feel free to take your time you know? Responses take… we want them to be authentic. Alright, second question.”

2. What is your least favorite word?


“Okay, third question.”

3. What turns you on? 

“Like academically or?”


“Like with…”

“No, with anything.”

“I think in school what turns me on is being organized, I guess. Having organization in classes.”

“Yeah, for sure.”

4. Alright, what turns you off?

“Being disorganized, or just sloppy, no plan, no set schedule or anything.”

5. Alright, fifth question, what is your favorite word? Oh crap sorry, what’s your favorite swear word?

“Shit… or fuck.”

“Obviously mine is crap cause I just said crap.”

6. Alright sixth question, what is your favorite sound?

“Just screaming. I love it. Or when my friends are laughing I think that’s really cute, just a big table full of it.”

7. Alright, seventh question, what is your least favorite sound or noise?

“Probably babies crying. It’s terrible, especially on the airplane.”

“Yeah, true.”

8. Alright, eighth question, if you could see yourself, so it would be more like a second branch career path, like if you have one now what’s another one you could see yourself doing?

“I think being a realtor, and like, I think it’s fun talking to people and selling things to them, so I feel like if my part in marketing doesn’t work out then I feel like I’ll already have the education for that.

9. Alright, ninth question, second to last, what is a profession you could never see yourself doing?

“Being a doctor. Blood, needles, they just gross me out. I could never do that ever.”

10. Alright, and then what do you think God would say to you if you approached the gates of heaven?

“Come back in a few minutes, I have to think about you.”

This has been an episode of “The Power of Questions” with Emma Sampson and Mia Litman. Tune in again to hear some more episodes of this “Power of Questions.”