[TECH REVIEW] Does the iPhone 12 live up to the rest?


Henri Peltier

The iPhone 12 was released just a few months ago, but it’s already gaining plenty of popularity.

Since it’s release back in October, the iPhone 12 has definitely had some popularity in just the short time it’s been out. Although there isn’t a whole lot of change to the phone compared to some of the most recent models like the X or the 11, the step up from somewhat older models of the phone has a large, and clear difference.

On the surface, the 12 doesn’t seem much of an upgrade from the XR but looking closer at the features, that’s a perspective worth reconsidering. Of course, the phone isn’t perfect for everyone based on their preferences or their daily habits with the said phone, but there’s something about it for everyone.

To start off, the camera on the phone is amazing. It has a night mode, which allows users to take pictures in the dark and make them come out like they were taken midday, wide and ultra-wide photos, which makes any broad picture possible with these two lenses (along with a third lens with similar abilities that only is available with the iPhone 12 Pro), and supports 5x digital zoom-ins, and 2x zoom-outs to get angles and snapshots just right.

On top of all of that, the resolution of the phone features 2532 by 1170 pixels for high-end video taking and watching. Additionally, on the screen display, there is OLED technology in use, which, in short, means colors on the screen are in much more detail and heavily improved from other models on the phone, and shows a higher contrast ratio and deeper shades of darker colors as well. As two final last notes on the phone, Apple has decided to cover the phone in a “ceramic shield,” which is said to have improved the drop resistance and shattering of the glass by 4x. Finally, the phone supports 5G networking, giving the phone insanely high data speeds, a larger capacity on the phone, and designed to connect almost everything tech-based.

With new phone releases nearly every year, some may not feel the need to buy this new piece of technology, but the steps Apple has taken from models such as the iPhone SE, 8, and even the X, in iPhone 12 has widely improved the reliability, security, and authenticity of this product.

Cost of the iPhone 12 as of release: $799