[TECH REVIEW] Airpods Max: your new favorite headphones


Apple technology releases new products yearly, and in Dec. of 2020, they released the Airpods Max. These headphones recently started becoming popular as influencers bought the product and posted them on social media platforms.

The Airpods Max cost a hefty price of $549. The price is definitely something to consider when thinking about buying these, but the benefits make them worth it. The product comes with the AirPods Max, Lightning to USB-C Cable, and a Smart Case that holds the AirPods Max. The case protects the headphones from being damaged as well as keeps the battery charged. The headphones being in the case are in an ultralow-power, keeping them charged and ready to use whenever. As of right now, Apple has five colors in these headphones, space grey, silver, pink, green, and sky blue. The pink, green, and sky blue are such fun spring colors and the others are great neutrals for people who don’t want bright colors. Apple-designed these headphones to attract all different kinds of people and they did a great job for influencers, business people, teachers, and students, who are all buying and using these headphones.

Apple values accessibility features to help people with disabilities get the most out of their new AirPods Max.”

The Apple Airpod Max Pro’s were designed with an adjustable fit, that fits all. They have a knit mesh canopy and acoustically engineered memory foam ear cushions. They truly are very comfortable to wear for any time and are barely noticeable when being worn. Another feature is the high-fidelity audio; they are noise-canceling with transparency mode to hear still stuff happening around you and be aware. The noise-canceling is very strong and can give you a headache for how quiet and drastic the change is. There is also spatial audio which is theater-like sound and is very clear and loud. There are a total of nine microphones, each for a different purpose. These headphones are Bluetooth 5.0 compatible and are easy to pair with any device, apple phones, computers, etc. The battery lasts up to 20 hours, and just five minutes of charging will give the user one hour and 20 minutes of usage. This makes it easy to take the product on the go and not have to worry about charging them constantly.

Apple also values its products as being high quality, easy to use products. There are buttons on the sides to control the volume, up or down, skip between tracks, answer phone calls, and activate Siri. These buttons are easy to use and figure out how to use. There are settings in your phone to control what each button does and customize it to your liking. Apple values accessibility features to help people with disabilities get the most out of their new AirPods Max. The accessibility features include live listen audio, headphone levels, headphone accommodations. The quality of these headphones make a listener feel like you’re in your own world.

Rating: ★★★★★

Apple Airpods Max
Price: $549
Where you can purchase: Any Apple Store
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