Teachers defeat Quiz Bowl team to in pre-nationals face-off


Nina Zietlow

Quiz Bowl honed their skills for national competition at the annual students vs. teachers match on May 22. Upper School science teacher Andrea Bailey, US English teacher Matt Hoven, US math teacher Carl Corcoran, and US history teacher Jon Peterson faced off against freshman Peter Blanchfield and sophomores Cole Thompson, Paul Watkins, and Ewan Lang in this round. The competition was facilitated by Quiz Bowl sophomores Patrick Commers and Netta Kaplan. The team goes on to compete at Nationals the weekend of May 29.

What phylum are squids and snails in? Teachers and students tackled obscure questions like this one at the annual students vs. faculty Quiz Bowl match on May 22. The faculty team, which consisted of teachers from multiple subjects, included Upper School science teacher Andrea Bailey, US English teacher Matt Hoven, US history teacher Jon Peterson, and US math teacher Carl Corcoran.  The faculty faced off against quiz bowl team members, including: freshman Peter Blanchfield, and sophomores Cole Staples, Ewan Lang, Jack Indritz, Paul Watkins, Cole Thompson and Bailey Troth.

Unfortunately for the students,the faculty team defended their title with a 445-300 win.

“It was a good fight. It was satisfying to be able to pit our will against the teachers. It was close enough that we could have maybe turned the tide if we had gotten the right questions, so it wasn’t a crushing defeat,” sophomore quiz bowl member Cole Thompson said. “I was proud of how we did.”

Quiz bowl has had a successful season thus far and looks forward to competing in nationals in Chicago from May 29-June 1.