Taylor Swift drops two new singles

Fan reactions to her new sound say something about how many re-imaginings of Taylor they are willing to embrace


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The cover of Taylor Swift's newest album "Reputation", which will be released on Nov. 10, 2017.

After being out of the public eye for almost seven months, Taylor Swift has returned with new music and shocked many with her new image. Swift’s new music causes some controversy among fans as some enjoy the new sound while others do not.

“I’m not really used to the sound of her new music, but she has only released two new songs, so I’m hopeful that the rest of the album will be better,” said ninth grader Lynn Reynolds.

However, Swift’s new singles have hit the spot for senior Noah Solomon: “The new music is actually banging, she’s two for two already,” he said.

While many Swift fans are ecstatic about Swift’s return and the new music, some people hadn’t even noticed the absence of Swift in the media: “I didn’t even realize that she wasn’t in the news and hadn’t been releasing new music. I don’t really like her, and honestly she’s a super average musician. I’m not looking forward to seeing her name in the news every time I look my phone.” junior Anna Perleberg said.

The surprising new sound can be confusing for many old Swift fans, especially ones who enjoy her upbeat sing along songs from previous albums like Red or Fearless.

Junior Janie Brunell said, “Right now, I don’t like her new music. I’m confused about the new sound because her old albums were always played on the radio and were really upbeat and energetic, but the new music is weird. I miss the old Taylor.”

Swift declares this change in music to her fans in her new song Look What You Made Me Do, telling them “Sorry the old Taylor cannot come to the phone right now. Why? Because she’s dead.”

Swift’s new aggressive taste has deterred some fans but junior Janie Brunell will continue listening to Swift’s new music, although she would love it if Swift went back to her roots.  “I know it’s not the most realistic wish, but I would be a bigger fan of her again if her music went back to the pop country sound like she used to be known for,” she said.

Taylor Swift’s newest full album Reputation will be released Nov. 10.