Take advantage of the first breath of spring


Illustration Credit: Javier Whitaker-Castaneda

There is nothing stopping us from trading our confined, indoor winter hangouts for open-air paradise.

Is it spring yet? This is the question that Minnesotans have been asking for a long time. Now, nearing the end of April, the answer can finally be yes. Springtime is often associated with blooming flowers, rain showers, and more sunlight hours. Despite all these open-air inferences that come with spring, high school students in the open air is not one of them. Now it’s time to come out of hibernation and enjoy the few warm months we get during the Minnesota school year.

The outdoors is calling and there are so many different ways you can spend your time there. You can call your friends and start a pick-up game of, well, anything. You can read a book in a more comfortable, sunny environment. You could even just do your homework outside to have a change of scenery from a stuffy desk or lightless classroom.
Now is the best time to head outside because there is finally nothing in our way. It was a rough winter with multiple heavy snowfalls and the lowest temperatures since the winter of 1978. Now that it is sunny, and the ground is actually visible, there is nothing stopping us from trading our confined, indoor winter hangouts for open-air paradise.

You also don’t have to limit yourself to outdoor activities only after school. Students should congregate throughout the school day in common areas around campus, especially the outdoors ones. According to the student handbook “Common areas are available throughout the school for students to gather, study, and relax during free periods.” The second and third locations named on the list of common areas are the Lily courtyard and the front lawn, but do we use them as much as we use the library, the lunchroom, or hallways?

In the last quarter of the school year the stresses of school work can really add up. To relieve these stresses and to help focus you on your school work it can be useful to spend time outside. To take a break from studying for final exams or pushing through to the end of that last class unit it can be nice to relax in the sun for a while.

Finally spring is in full swing and we have to remember to take advantage of it while it’s here. (but keep your fingers crossed so it won’t snow in May). We have numerous opportunities, not only outside of school hours, but during free periods and recreational times to enjoy the outdoors. Instead of goofing off on your laptop or taking a nap try embracing Minnesota’s newly warm weather; after all, who knows how long it will last?