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Will the future ever be female?

Will the future ever be female?

Tana Ososki, RubicOnline

January 29, 2020

Little girls all around the world are told that they can do anything they set their mind to—that their opportunities are endless, and that they have just as much brains, will, and power as any man. But in today’s culture, is this even a possibility?

Amy Klobuchar 2020: Celebration. Controversy. Confusion.

Consfusion and indecisiveness have become a commonality with the 2020 election.

Clara Garner, Staff Writer

May 24, 2019

Amy Klobuchar's announcement to run for president was met with enthusiasm, a little sexism, and brings up the question of values.

Stop ignoring women, Hollywood

We gave Kathryn Bigelow the award in 2009- what more do they want?

Harper Lux, Staff Writer

March 15, 2019

Female directors are being overlooked, while their male counterparts win awards.

Grande empowers women with new music

Meagan Massie, Feature Editor

September 27, 2018

She is an icon for women all over the world. “Sweetener” is a prime example for how she carries herself and gives inspiration to her fans because of the intimacy and relatability of the lyrics.

Bance talks tech

Computer Science classes are becoming more popular and easier to find both at SPA and other schools.

Ellie Findell, Production Manager

March 19, 2018

9th grader Miranda Bance discusses her introduction to the computer science field, and her interest in tech.

Community embodies International Women’s Day spirit

Seniors Erin McNamer and Isabel Brandtjen host a bake sale in the cafeteria to commemorate International Women's Day.

Mimi Geller, Director of RubicOnline

March 8, 2018

The SPA community rallied female spirit on Mar. 8 to celebrate International Women's Day.

Women’s March MN holds Hear Our Voice event

Minneapolis City Council member Andrea Jenkins addresses the crowd at Hear Our Voice.

Ellie Findell, Production Manager

January 22, 2018

Hear Our Voice was held on January 21st and prompted attendees to start volunteering and vote for female politicans.

Franken called resignation ‘ironic’, but he needed to focus on actions

Al Franken announced his resignation from the Senate in the coming weeks amidst multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.

Ellie Findell, RubicOnline Production Manager

December 8, 2017

Al Franken fails to show true accountability for his actions despite still calling himself an ally to women.

Debates about tampons normalize menstruation

Multiple posts have gone up this month with a flurry of replies and +1 supports.

Mari Knudson, A&E Editor

May 16, 2016

Opinion Board posts addressing the need for replenishing of the feminine products in restrooms help normalize monthly cycles.

The Power of Makeup

Junior Heba Sandozi models for a #powerofmakeup picture, where half of her face has makeup and the other half is completely bare. “There’s this strange, but really cool phenomenon where wearing makeup can make you feel more confident,” Sandozi said.

Amodhya Samarakoon, Heath & Wellness Editor

December 13, 2015

Makeup empowers, but does not define students in their daily lives.