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How do we gain better control and knowledge of COVID-19? Anti-body tests.

Antibody testing is the key to opening the United States in a way that ensures safety to the population.
April 30, 2020
How will the country begin to return to normal? Anti-body tests.

BEHIND THE LENS: Liepins captures Sanders rally

CHEER ON BERNIE. Sanders engages with the crowd as they shout chants and encouragements and raise signs printed with his name to show their support. His voice and words do not quit the crown instead it makes them raise their signs higher.
November 14, 2019
Passionate chants of “Not me. Us.” — a Bernie Sanders campaign slogan — burst from the sea of Sanders supporters in Williams Arena (The Barn) on the University of Minnesota’s East Bank campus.

Dangers of vaping: speaker debunks the trend

O'Brien shows students ways vape companies market to a younger audience: fun and crazy flavored juices are just one of these methods.
September 9, 2019
Pediatrician Dr. Janna Gewirtz O'Brien showed students the facts.

“The Section of Disapproved Books” exhibit tells a strong tale of censorship

Hundreds of books make up the list of banned books in prisons.
November 15, 2018
“The Section of Disapproved Books” at the Weisman Art Museum showcases the ridiculous censorship laws that some states have around inmate literature.

First Chinese Exchange explores The American Dream

Students from Mingde pose together at the beginning of their SPA exchange trip.
January 17, 2017
Students from China visit SPA for the first-ever exchange, Jan. 15-21.

Topp-Johnson researches whether fungi can make corn stronger

Junior Emilia Topp-Johnson introduces fungal endophytes into corn plants. She has been doing this work on the University of Minnesota for 5 years.  “This year, I intend to conduct a more long term series of projects around the theme of terraformation, the end goal of which would be to further the understanding of what it would take to cultivate plants on Mars,” Topp-Johnson said.
If her project succeeds, it may be possible to grow corn on Mars
December 12, 2016
For Emilia Topp-Johnson, corn kernels may be the ticket to the interstellar travel.

Sachs translates Ph.D. research skills to school environment

Andrea Sachs receives her doctorate in  American Studies. “[My studies] helped me polish my craft as a historian and also helped me polish my craft as a teacher,” Sachs said.
March 17, 2016
Ph.D. profile: Dr. Andrea Sachs

Senior Matthew Fiedler signs to University of Minnesota for baseball

December 14, 2012

On Nov. 15, senior Matthew Fiedler made his decision to attend the University of Minnesota for playing D1 Baseball official. The school hosted the ceremony during x-period while friends, family, and coaches...

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