The Rubicon

Public figures under fire as Australia burns

Public figure Kim Kardashion and president of Amazon Jeff Bezos aren't doing enough to help the causes they claim to support.

Lucia Granja, RubicOnline

January 23, 2020

Because they are role models, and have the resources to do so, public figures have a responsibility to take genuine action against issues impacting the world.

Short-lived Twitter account raises questions about diversity

The social media posts incited response from the community, but the response may not be what the post creator expected.

Melissa Nie and Noah Raaum

May 29, 2019

A dive into the controversial Twitter account that tore into St. Paul Academy and Summit School.

[THE THIRD WAY] Biden the bulldozer

In this installment of The Third Way, Columnist Kieran Singh explores the validity of the 2020 Biden campaign.

Kieran Singh, Columnist

May 9, 2019

It would be highly misguided for people to assume that Biden won’t win simply because he’s not as popular as Sanders, Buttigeig, or Warren on the internet.

Boys Varsity soccer falls to Edina

Boys Varsity soccer falls to Edina

Koji Gutzmann, RubicOnline Editor

September 2, 2018

At 7 p.m. on Sept. 1 Boys Varsity soccer played class AA opponent Edina.

Vine’s timely demise

Twitter announced that they were shutting down Vine the app on Oct. 27.

Breandan Gibbons, RubicOnline Editor

November 14, 2016

Twitter shuts down Vine, the popular social media app that shares videos in six seconds.

REVIEW: Users gotta catch ’em all

Freshman Fremont Forsberg is just one of many students who enjoy Pokemon Go.

Ellie Findell, RubicOnline Editor

September 9, 2016

Pokemon Go provides its users an interactive game that also promotes a healthy lifestyle by urging them to go outdoors.