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Candy Crush Saga addiction grows among students

Senior Connor Allen plays Candy Crush Saga on his phone. “It is really fun and addicting,

Catherine Braman, Sports Editor

November 1, 2013

There might not be Snickers, Laffy Taffy, or Tootsie Pops in the game Candy Crush Saga, but that does not matter to the estimated 100 million users. This app, first released in April 2012, is the most popular app on Facebook. And, it is free. Also available for the iPhone and Android, Candy Crush Saga ...

iOS7 update receives mixed reviews

iOS7 update receives mixed reviews

Diane Huang, Staff Writer

October 29, 2013

Upper School Technology Coordinator Chris White misses the old icons from iOS6. “They [the new icons] are a little cartoonish, and it seems like Windows 8,” he said. The new iOS7 was released on Sept. 18 at noon. The new iOS is a huge change for the earlier systems on Apple products, sporting...

Student emails switch from Gaggle to Gmail

Sophomore Charlie Hooley uses Google Drive to work on a history project during tutorial.

Netta Kaplan, Copy Editor

October 3, 2013

Changes this school year have been all around, from the new schedule to the new mission statement, but smaller changes have been made as well. Students’ school emails have been changed from Gaggle to Gmail. Aside from the more usable format, a key addition is the function of Google Drive, a place to...