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MSA brings women to talk about meaning of hijab

MSA leaders Tabeer Naqvi and Noor Qureishy introduce speakers from CAIR and RISE during the Jan. 30 assembly.

Ellie Nowakowsiki, Rubicon Editor

January 30, 2017

Muslim Student Alliance invited Nausheena Hussain and Rafia Omer to speak on the Muslim-American experience.

Studying for finals? For some, that means video editing

Senior Tommy Dicke works the iPhone video as Ian Scott, Tabeer Naqvi, and Peter Michel ready for a scene (that Ned Laird-Raylor will rush into).  “We’re doing one of the more traditional [horror films]: fear of death, fear of being trapped in the face of something that you can’t beat. [They’re] fairly stereotypical horror movie tropes but they’re pretty fun,” Scott said.

Stephanie Li, The Rubicon Editor

December 11, 2016

Instead of an exam, the test for Literature of Monstrosity students will be whether they can produce, direct, act, and edit.

Senior Speech Illustrations: Week 9

Iya Abdulkarim, The Rubicon Editor

November 17, 2016

View the illustrations of excerpts from the senior speeches given on Friday, Nov 11.

QUIZ: How much do you know about Eid al-Adha?

Senior Sarah Murad decorates her hand with henna on Eid al-Adha.

Amodhya Samarakoon, RubicOnline Creative Design Manager

September 12, 2016

Eid al-Adha, the holiest Islam holiday, begins at the first sighting of the new moon.

Hijab Day invites empathy

Approximately 40 students attended the information session during X-Period on Thursday.

Kelby Wittenberg, Photojournalist

April 29, 2016

More than 40 female students participated in the first Hijab Day in the Upper School on Apr. 28.

New Muslim Students Alliance student group fosters dialogue, awareness

MSA Co-President Tabeer Naqvi shares her experience being a Muslim student at SPA with junior Amodhya Samarakoon at the group’s first meeting on March 3. “My religion is such a big part of who I am and how I live my life because of the morals and values that come with it that I don’t feel like I should have to walk into some school where I spend so much of my time and cut off that part of myself and not show it,” Naqvi said.

Mari Knudson, Cover Story Editor

March 6, 2016

The Muslim Students Alliance student group had its first meeting on March 3.

Community Service Spotlight: Naqvis facilitate book drive for Pakistani school

Freshman Mashal Naqvi and junior Tabeer Naqvi present their plans for a book drive  for Pakistani schoolgirls through an organization called CARE. “Education has always been an important thing in our family and Pakistan is close to the heart... that’s where our roots are,”  Tabeer Naqvi said.

Stephanie Li, Arts & Entertainment Editor

December 13, 2015

Junior Tabeer Naqvi and freshman Mashal Naqvi organized a book drive for an all girls school in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.

Henna holds a sacred spot in hearts and on hands

This hand models a henna design drawn by junior Tabeer Naqvi's mother.

Sophie Jaro, Opinions Editor

November 4, 2015

The ancient art form symbolizes joy and celebration for St. Paul Academy and Summit School students.