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SPA has already cycled through several different schedules since transitioning to online learning in March 2020. Each schedule seems to bring criticism for one reason or another whether it be too much screen time, not enough chances to talk to teachers, too much work, too much free time, etc.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Don’t complain; make the schedule work for you

RubicOnline Staff January 5, 2021
Rather than complaining about a schedule that can never be one size fits all, acknowledge the benefits of the connection and support offered in the schedule.
Raveendran's mother is one of the many medical workers that are currently working to battle COVID-19.

How does it feel to have essential worker parents on the front lines?

Alexandra Cardwell, RubicOnline May 26, 2020
In a time of tremendous stress, suffering, and loss, the world’s medical workers, in addition to all essential workers, have been tasked with providing relief to all of those suffering from COVID-19. Meanwhile, the children of these heroes have been fully supportive and inspired by their efforts.
Junior Gabrielle Thompon's family owns St. Paul business The Wine Thief and Ale Jail. They have had to change some parts of how their business operates due to COVID-19.

Minnesota businesses slowly reopening

Eloise Duncan, The Rubicon Editor May 15, 2020

Under Executive Order 20-48, signed by Gov. Tim Walz on Apr. 30, workers in non-customer facing office and industrial settings are now allowed to go back to work, and customer facing businesses are continued...

Upper School Counselor Susanna Short juggles her many responsibilities while maintaining a soothing demeanor. Her many arms can only reach so many students. The school should hire an additional counselor to spread the workload and increase access  for students.

Support falls short for both students and counselor

Editorial, The Rubicon Staff March 13, 2016
The time has long passed to add at least one additional counselor for the 419 students enrolled in the Upper School.
Perceptions of mental illness at the core of unhelpful assumptions

Perceptions of mental illness at the core of unhelpful assumptions

Netta Kaplan, Staff Writer May 14, 2015
Mental illness is neither scarce nor dangerous — in fact, over half of the population will be diagnosed with some kind of mental disorder sometime during their lifetimes.
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