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In first year, Duvra adds her own touch into the art curriculum

Upper School Art Teacher Mara Duvra shows a student a brushstroke.

Evelyn Lillemoe, The Rubicon Editor

May 9, 2019

As for the changes Duvra has made so far, they may seem small but they have a big impact. Her first change was simply in the area the classes take place: “I made a lot of changes to the studio before I made any changes to the curriculum. I wanted to aerate the space open it up make it feel much more light," she said.

[ARTIST PROFILE] Clay shifts form and function in Tietel’s hands

[ARTIST PROFILE] Clay shifts form and function in Tietel's hands

Claire Hallaway, The Rubicon Editor

October 26, 2018

Riley Tietel discovered a passion for pottery in a required class in 7th grade. Since then, he makes sure to include a family crest on each piece he creates.