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Three years later, Trump changed SPA

A poll conducted by the Rubicon recorded 76.3% of SPA students identifying as Democrat, 81.4% disapproving of Trump, and 69.5% believing Trump should be impeached. The poll had 59 respondents, of which 14 were ninth graders, 17 were sophomores, 19 were juniors and nine were seniors. 33 respondents identified as female, 23 as male and 3 as non-cisgender.

Asa Zirps, Staff Writer

November 11, 2019

On the third anniversary of Trump's election, opinions are divided on whether he has changed SPA.

Genocide awareness week emphasizes the importance of education

Students for Social Justice hosted a bake sale on Feb. 27 with all proceeds going to World Without Genocide.

Emma Sampson, RubicOnline Editor

March 3, 2018

From Feb. 26-Mar 2. Students for Social Justice hosted a genocide awareness week emphasizing the importance of education and setting the stage for change.

Students for Social Justice organizes Winter Clothing Drive

Students for Social Justice set up boxes and racks in different parts of the school for students to drop off gently used winter clothing. Sophomore Emilia Hoppe, a member of SSJ, said “all of the clothing that we collect is going to go to the Neighborhood House, which is a place that among other things, helps out refugees.”

Iya Abdulkarim, Feature Editor

December 13, 2015

Students for Social Justice organized a Winter Clothing Drive, and has set up drop-off boxes between Dec. 7 and 16.

SSJ divides focus to address both global and local issues

SSJ divides focus to address both global and local issues

Nina Zeitlow, Students for Social Justice member

October 10, 2014

The Students for Social Justice group is taking a different approach this year. They decided to split from one group to two sub-categories; SSJ global and SSJ local. This split does not apply to the group as a whole, since global and local are still part of SSJ group. Both sub groups abide by t...

Students for Social Justice hope to change school dress code

 Students for Social Justice members lead a discussion about the dress code, led by presidents sophomores Alena Porter and Claire Walsh (standing on left). “We are working with [the Upper School Council] and a group of other [students] to change the dress code,” Porter said.

Katrina Hilton, Sports Editor

April 3, 2014

In March, Students for Social Justice discussed the current SPA dress code. Members of the group feel that some of the wording of the dress code is not fairly or appropriately enforced. The group is also discussing the wording of the current code, which includes ambiguous words like “modesty.” The...