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[STAFF EDITORIAL] Social distancing is essential to combating COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing is an act of love.

The Rubicon and RubicOnline Staffs

March 17, 2020

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in Minnesota, reducing social interaction is the only sure way to flatten the curve.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Stereotypes discourage connection

YOUR CLASSMATE: STEREOTYPE EDITION. Even when stereotypes are occasionally accurate, they are limited, and they can lead to unfair judgments made on appearances alone.

The Rubicon Staff

November 18, 2019

Challenge first impressions, know each other more deeply.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Diversity should be considered when naming buildings

The names of the buildings become commonplace, while the people become decreasingly relatable.

RubicOnline Staff

March 14, 2019

Names of SPA buildings should represent the values of the modern school community.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Turn hopes into action with community service opportunity

Dean of Students Max Delgado announced to club leaders on Sept. 8 that they are challenged to create four-hour service opportunities for the community this year. It's time to take that challenge.

RubicOnline, Editorial

September 20, 2017

With time and funding allocated, it's time for clubs and students to be creative as community service becomes part of the school schedule.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Increase appreciation towards temporary classrooms

STAFF EDITORIAL: Increase appreciation towards temporary classrooms

The RubicOnline Staff

April 11, 2017

Students must reframe their mindset towards the portable classrooms and view them as a new experience and not an inconvenience.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Opposing opinions should be shared more openly and accepted more readily

For a school with such a strong political presence as St. Paul Academy and Summit School, one would think that a class discussion should be filled with conflicting thoughts and strong personal opinions. In reality, Harkness discussions feel like an echo chamber of impersonal reciprocated thoughts because students are afraid to voice their opposing opinions.

The RubicOnline Staff

February 25, 2017

SPA students should take a risk and share their opposing opinions more often.

Honors courses should be offered in the humanities

Students interested in the humanities are at a disadvantage because math, science and music courses are the only subjects in which honors courses are offered for four years. This can cause students with a passion for English or history to feel as if their skills are not as valued as students who excel in math or science.

Staff Editorial

October 29, 2014

Students should think about a past assignment that they were so excited about, it didn’t feel like work. While most may not feel this way about every assignment, finding a subject for which they do, discovering a passion, is one of the most rewarding parts of any education. Honors classes are...

New mission statement emphasizes achievement

Shape the hearts.  Shape the minds.  Change the world.

Staff Editorial

September 26, 2013

During the unveiling of St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s new mission statement, at our first Upper School Assembly of the year, a parade of successful men and women floated across the projector screen. These alumni/ae, who research Alzheimers, invented toys and impacted the Civil Rights Movement...