The Rubicon

Senior Speech Illustrations: Week 25

Iya Abdulkarim, The Rubicon Editor

March 12, 2017

View the illustrations of the lines from senior speeches delivered on Thursday, March 9.

Kulkarni and Sukumar connect with culture through Indian dance

Senior Sonia Sukumar has been doing Kathak Indian dance since she was in fourth grade.

Stephanie Li, The Rubicon Editor

November 7, 2016

Seniors Sonia Sukumar and Neeti Kulkarni have devoted a great part of their life to Indian dance. Sukumar continues to participate in Kathak while Kulkarni reflects on the significance Bharatanatyam dance has had in he life.

Students share scary stories as fall tradition

Ghost stories hide in the Upper School library but most students equate movie scares with their childhood or present day nightmares.

Dianne Caravela, Staff Writer

October 30, 2014

As she closed the door to the dark basement, a sudden impulse to bolt up the staircase as fast as she could seized her. Lying in bed about to fall asleep, a strange shadow caught his eye, jolting him awake. It could be strange sounds on a dark night or things moving with no explanation. Whatever it...

Are the benches an upgrade for sophomores?

Sophomores wonder which space is better to hang out and study.

Javier Whitaker-Castaneda, Cover Story Editor

October 13, 2014

Every year in school brings new responsibilities as well as new privileges . With sophomore year comes the switch from congregating in library to the benches, but is it an upgrade or a discomfort? Some sophomores really appreciate the privilege of the benches viewing it mostly as a social area. “I...

Students take a stroll in a Winter Wonderland at new dance

Lauren Woessner (left) purchases tickets from Student Activities Committee senior members (from middle to bottom right) Cal Nicholson,  Noah Parker, and Jonte Claiborne. “[The dance] gave me a chance to talk to people I normally don’t talk to,

Lucy Li, Online Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor

January 14, 2014

“Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland” is a famous line from the 1934 pop song “Winter Wonderland,” and the new semi-formal dance that shares its name was held at the Town and Country Club on Jan. 11. Senior Cristina Zarama socialized with friends at the dance. “It was pretty,” she said about...

Dress code policy revision impacts girls more

Although Dean of Students Judy Cummins said that the new dress code policy is designed to address “How we present ourselves to go to school,” many girls believe that students will challenge the policy.  “The rule should have been enforced before now if people are going to take it seriously,” junior Mattie Daub said.

Laura Slade, Arts and Entertainment Editor

September 27, 2013

Changes to the Upper School Handbook have left female students struggling to adapt their outfits to new dress code regulations. Sophomore Cait Gibbons is more concerned with how she will be able to express herself as the dress code gets stricter. “These rules are making people dress more similar,”...