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Bance talks tech

Computer Science classes are becoming more popular and easier to find both at SPA and other schools.

Ellie Findell, Production Manager

March 19, 2018

9th grader Miranda Bance discusses her introduction to the computer science field, and her interest in tech.

Sustainable seafood: ocean farms offer greener food production

SUSTAINABLE FOOD SOURCING. One of the main advantages of using ocean farms is the ability to source food sustainably. The kelp and shellfish grow naturally with the ocean and do not require any harmful additives to thrive.

Jack Benson, The Rubicon Editor

December 23, 2017

Ocean farms grow food--like kelp, mussels and other types of seafood--below the sea, minimizing the environmental impacts.

A look inside why spring is so refreshing

CHEMISTRY. When spring arrives, the warmth of the sun decreases melatonin making people more active, and the presence of green makes people feel relaxed.

Jenny Sogin, The Rubicon Editor

May 26, 2017

For many crawling out of a cold, dreary Minnesota winter, spring is a time that brings hope, motivation, and refreshment. People begin to exercise more, work harder, and stay outside to enjoy the weather instead of holing up and watching Netflix. But, what makes spring such a welcoming season?

Filtered websites frustrate students

Lillian Pettigrew, Staff Writer

December 27, 2014

By now, it’s something St. Paul Academy and Summit School students have gotten used to. Some websites are accessible on the school’s internet connection, some aren’t. But do students ever stop to question “how?” or, more importantly- “why?” According to Upper School Technology Coordinator...