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Snacks and smiles: Crisis Nursery volunteers build club, community bonds

Sophomores put together a delicious plate of snacks at The Crisis Nursery.

Tessah Green, Staff Writer

November 2, 2018

SADD members helped make snacks at The Crisis Nursery in Minneapolis.

Distance from distractions makes driving safer

A sign made by SADD at the Huss Center's parking lot exit reminds people to not text and drive.

Noor Christava, Staff Writer

October 31, 2018

Security and Students Against Destructive Decisions set reminders for student drivers to make smart choices behind the wheel.

SADD’s bake sale donates to nursery

SADD co-president Jane Brunell takes money from junior Jasper Green for a baked good.

Tristan Hitchens-Brookins, Staff Writer

May 24, 2018

Funds from the bake sale purchased lanyards for spring, with additional funds going to crisis nursery.

PHOTO GALLERY: SADD hosts annual drunk goggle obstacle course

Junior Andrew Johnson fights for the ball during the drunk goggle course.

Emma Sampson, RubicOnline Editor

January 26, 2018

On Jan. 25 during X-period, SADD hosted the third annual drunk goggle obstacle course.

Faculty and students support message of consent through ribbons

Following the SADD assembly on creating a culture of consent, faculty and students wore ribbons to voice their support for a positive culture on Oct 12.

Emma Sampson, RubicOnline Editor

October 16, 2017

Following the SADD assembly on creating a culture of consent, faculty and students wore ribbons to voice their support for a positive culture on Oct 12.

Expanding visions and goals: club leaders reflect on the groups they joined in 9th grade

Senior GSA president Aaron Datta and member Zoe Hermer-Cisek host a booth at the clubs fair on Sept. 11.

Emma Sampson, RubicOnline Editor

September 14, 2017

Students who have been involved in a club since ninth grade take advantage of their upperclassmen status to lead their group in new directions.

SADD hosts second drunk goggles obstacle course

Seniors Oona Prozinski and Justine Miller facilitate SADD's drunk goggles competition.

Lauren Boettcher, RubicOnline Chief Story Editor

February 1, 2017

SADD hosted its second annual drunk goggles obstacle course last Thursday.

New students check out what Thursdays have to offer at Clubs Fair

Leaders from the IT Club let prospective members know that they'll work to make the community more tech-savvy this year.

Lauren Boettcher, Social Media Manager

September 16, 2016

The clubs fair is put on in the gymnasium every year and is an opportunity for freshman to try student groups.

Drunk goggle course was fun, but…

Senior Gitanjali Raman, freshmen Henry Hallaway, Lucie Hoeschen, and Betsy Romans completed the course with a record time of 1:04 minutes. Students competed in SADD's drunk goggle obstacle course during X-period.

Gitanjali Raman, Online Managing Editor

February 23, 2016

SADD's Drunk Goggle obstacle course simulates the effects of alcohol and drugs on vision and motor skills.

SADD Week: Drunk goggles make an impact

Freshman Olivia Williams Ridge, a player for the girls' hockey team, struggles with field hockey under drunk vision.

Gitanjali Raman, Social Media Editor

April 19, 2015

SADD held a drunk goggle obstacle course on Apr. 16.

State trooper shares “Gone too Soon” for SADD week

Minnesota Department of Public Safety officer Curt Thurmes engages students in conversation about crashes.

Gitanjali Raman, Social Media Editor

April 14, 2015

MN State Trooper Curt Thurmes spoke with students Monday morning to kick of a week of awareness sponsored by Students Against Destructive Decisions.  He shared the video "Gone too Soon" produced by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety which documents the lives of four teens and the results of...