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Sophomore Clara Garner and junior Isabelle Wolpert talk at the Grand Opening.

Grand Opening showcases grand achievements

Melissa Nie, Director of RubicOnline October 14, 2019
The Upper School Grand Opening took place on Oct. 12.
John Hall, Hayden Graff, and Gabriel Konar-Steenberg control their robot.

Robotics posts solid results at state, fails to make worlds

Kelby Wittenberg, RubicOnline Editor February 12, 2019
On Feb 9, the SPA robotics team competed in the state competition, winning awards and having great success, but ultimately failing to make worlds.
Sophomore John Hall stands in the Robotics room where the team practices using their robot.

Hall shares his creative process of robotics

Bobby Verhey, RubicOnline Editor February 8, 2019
With the Spartan Robotics team preparing for state, sophomore John Hall shares how the team gets ready for competitions.
Sophomore Jackson Small, Senior Michaela Polley and Freshman Julia Macomber work on their teams robot during the open house.

Spartan Robotics teams don’t just build robots

Henry Burkhardt , Staff Writer October 30, 2018
The Spartan Robotics team hosted an open house for current and perspective students on Oct. 25.
The official Instagram page of the popular spring sport Ultimate Frisbee.

Team Instagramers: Social media keeps fans connected

Emma Sampson , RubicOnline Editor April 5, 2018
Team Instagram accounts have recently been a way for students to follow their favorite school teams and clubs.
Computer Science classes are becoming more popular and easier to find both at SPA and other schools.

Bance talks tech

Ellie Findell , Production Manager March 19, 2018
9th grader Miranda Bance discusses her introduction to the computer science field, and her interest in tech.
Seniors Grant Gunderson and Michael Hall along with junior Michaela Polley watch their robot in a competition. “For the first part of the competition the robot has to be pre-programmed and that’s very challenging because there are so many things that can go wrong,” Hall said.

Spartan robotics builds the road to state

Martha Sanchez, Staff Writer December 12, 2017
The SPA robotics team emphasizes teamwork and hard work as they progress toward the state qualifying tournaments this month.

Meet Spartan Robotics, SPA’s FTC team

Web Lehmann, RubicOnline Illustrator/Videographer February 13, 2017
The SPA robotics team made it to the semifinals at the state tournament on Feb. 11-12. Learn who they are, what the game is, and get a glimpse into their Dec. 10 tournament in this video by RubicOnline videographer, Web Lehmann.
Sophomore Imran Umer works on a robot in the new computer science classroom.

New computer science program builds tech-y understanding

Emily Thissen, RubicOnline Editor September 4, 2016
Three new classes and a new computer science study group take place in the new classroom renovation of the lower library.
A variety of Computer Science classes will be offered to SPA students in the upcoming school year.

New Computer Science electives in works for upcoming school year

Boraan Abdulkarim, Editor in Chief April 16, 2016
In the works is a variety of new course offerings related to Computer Science that will be available to St. Paul Academy and Summit School students the upcoming school year. These courses include Introduction to computer science, Computer Science Principles I and II, Competition Robotics, Regular Robotics, Advanced Topics in Computer Design.
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