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English Department continues electives conversation during MEA professional day

US English teacher Randall Findlay presents modes of writing in Writing Seminar. English teachers are always talking about how to modernize their classes and open them up to many points of view.
October 18, 2018
English department looks to the future with a reimagining of their course offerings.

Film Club hosts annual movie marathon

By midday, viewers settled in with blankets and snacks at the annual movie marathon:
February 27, 2018
Students flocked to Bigelow Commons to participate in an all-day movie marathon.

Home/school: faculty children and teachers balance dual roles

Senior Dorienne Hoven and her dad US English teacher Mathew Hoven pose during one of homecoming week's dress up days. “I get to hang out with teachers outside of school because of him... In a way, I have a closer relationship with all of the teachers and I know them on a different level,” Hoven said.
February 27, 2018
The children of SPA teachers reflect on what it's like having a parent work at school.

Classical Actors Ensemble will inhabit Huss Center stage to perform As You Like It

The Classical Actors Ensemble will visit St.Paul Academy and Summit School to perform As You Like It.
February 15, 2017
The Classical Actors Ensemble will perform As You Like It for SPA on the Huss Center stage on Feb. 15. Students in Shakespeare, ninth graders, and those with period 4 free are welcome to attend.

Slang: Shortened language expands casual vocabulary

LIT AF FAM. Common slang terms used by students ranked in order from most frequently used to least frequently used according to a poll of 11% of the student body. With every passing month, new terms or acronyms make their way around via messages, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and day-to-day conversations. 
Infographic: Mari Knudson and Iya Abdulkarim
January 22, 2017
Is your vocabulary up to date? Read about some of the most recent slang terms and the perspectives of students and teachers towards them.

Studying for finals? For some, that means video editing

Senior Tommy Dicke works the iPhone video as Ian Scott, Tabeer Naqvi, and Peter Michel ready for a scene (that Ned Laird-Raylor will rush into).  “We’re doing one of the more traditional [horror films]: fear of death, fear of being trapped in the face of something that you can’t beat. [They’re] fairly stereotypical horror movie tropes but they’re pretty fun,” Scott said.
Literature of Monstrosity teachers assign a monster movie instead of an exam
December 11, 2016
Instead of an exam, the test for Literature of Monstrosity students will be whether they can produce, direct, act, and edit.

Humans of SPA: Randall Findlay

“When I was teaching in San Francisco, one of my students who was not passing my class - a kid named Miguel - came up to me one time, and he wanted to give me a letter. And the letter thanked me for not giving him a passing grade, because he for the first time took it seriously that he needed to work hard. So we’re talking about what he could do to improve, and we just had one of these sort of random conversations, and he said ‘what do you do when you’re not here?’ and I said ‘well I build boats, and I bind books, and occasionally I make beer.’ He goes, ‘oh, you make beer? My dad does that sometimes, cool.’ And he begins talking about his favorite beer. Now, this is a junior, and he’s not old enough to drink beer. So I’m in a classroom after school, having a conversation with an underage kid about his favorite beer, explaining why while he should not be drinking any beer, the beer he has chosen is probably not worth it,
November 10, 2015

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Film Club features originals of well-known movie remakes as this year’s theme

This year's Film Club movie series will showcase several originals of movies that have been remade. “We have a great lineup of movies,” co-president of Film Club senior Christian Koch said.
September 30, 2013

What do a disfigured and murderous Tom Cruise, a Beyonce Knowles that flirts with Steve Martin, and an gigantic mutant dinosaur that has been reincarnated an innumerable amount of times all have in common?...

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