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Will the future ever be female?

Will the future ever be female?

Tana Ososki, RubicOnline

January 29, 2020

Little girls all around the world are told that they can do anything they set their mind to—that their opportunities are endless, and that they have just as much brains, will, and power as any man. But in today’s culture, is this even a possibility?

[STAFF EDITORIAL] What should student protest look like?

A new policy, with student input, must be developed to balance the administration’s respect for student demonstration and its concern over disruptions to the school day.

RubicOnline Staff

October 8, 2019

A new protest policy must be developed with student input.

New cell phone pocket policy shifts attention from phones to class

Students should try to be more open to the cell phone pockets and see the good intentions behind them.

Elle Chen, RubicOnline

September 12, 2019

Though it can be hard to get used to the procedure of using the new phone pockets, it will become a habit that helps us in the long run.

Students march to Capitol

SPA students whon walked our hold their signs at the Capitol and wait for the rally to begin.

Marlee Baron, Managing Editor

April 23, 2018

“Protect students, not guns” “We are enraged” “Thoughts and prayers are not bulletproof.” These are just some of the messages that were plastered on signs in the Huss Center on Apr. 20 as students gathered to walk to the capitol to rally against gun violence This particular walkout, althou...

Two Sides, One Issue: Students should protest for democracy and change

Protests are an essential characteristic of a functional democracy. The very system of democracy relies on citizen participation and dissent.

Lucy Sandeen, Staff Writer

March 14, 2017

Protests are an essential part of a functional democracy. Students should take this to heart and protest for change.

Netflix blocked at school, internet running smoothly

Since Netflix was blocked on the school servers teachers can no longer use it in class. “Teachers that were showing [Netflix videos] in class were inadvertently not following the user agreement,” Upper School Technology Coordinator Chris White said.

Javier Whitaker-Castañeda, Cover Story Editor

January 23, 2015

Starting this semester, students may have noticed that one of their favorite pastimes is no longer accessible. Over the break, SPA decided to block Netflix at school.