The Rubicon

MN Legislators hope to ban hand-held phones while driving

103 students in grades 10-12 answered a poll about how often they may engage with activities while driving that are considered to be distracting. Many students listen to music every day while driving, but few make phone calls or answer texts.

Nitya Thakkar, Aureus EIC

February 15, 2019

MN Legislators are trying to pass a bill to ban all drivers from using hand-held phones and electronic devices

The “Loneliest Generation” and the rise of technological life

Junior Nina Smetana looks at her phone in the Schilling Center.

Kat St. Martin-Norburg, Lucy Sandeen, and Quinn Christensen

December 16, 2018

While loneliness has no specific cause, some wonder if the rise of social media has contributed to our generation’s loneliness.

Performing arts students rehearse for Huss Center opening night gala

Junior Emily Schoonover sings her solo in

Stephanie Li, Arts & Entertainment Editor

October 11, 2015

The Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools have joined together to put on an amazing performance in the Huss Center Oct. 10 for St. Paul Academy and Summit School donors.