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Artists paint tribute murals of Floyd, messages for change

Murals are a way for artists to leak out creativity and have it on view for an entire city.Murals are a way for artists to leak out creativity and have it on view for an entire city.
September 18, 2020
Murals bring the Twin Cities to life, especially during one of the most chaotic moments in our state's history, murals encompass what people were feeling.

Art creation offers a de-stress during quarantine

May 16, 2020
Celeste Parke-Reimer and Addie Morisette find themselves using the absence of schedule to spend more time focused on creativity.

[Q&A] Morrisette paints her future

Morrissette talks about here love for art- a way to find and show herself
January 14, 2020
Photography, graphic design, and painting are all things Junior Addie Morriessette loves. She decided to pursue photography and painting by taking classes in Ireland over the summer of her Sophomore year.

[TRENDING] Ep. 8 Painting with Lara Cayci

Welcome to the first episode of Trending, Season Two, covering Lana Del Rey's new album.
October 19, 2019
Listen to Junior Liv Larsen interview Lara Cayci about her paintings.

In first year, Duvra adds her own touch into the art curriculum

Upper School Art Teacher Mara Duvra shows a student a brushstroke.
May 9, 2019
As for the changes Duvra has made so far, they may seem small but they have a big impact. Her first change was simply in the area the classes take place: “I made a lot of changes to the studio before I made any changes to the curriculum. I wanted to aerate the space open it up make it feel much more light," she said.

Duvra mixes mediums to redefine racial concepts

MS/US Fine Arts teacher Mara Duvra explores different artistic mediums to convey her identity.
October 8, 2018
New art teacher Mara Duvra shares her own creations.

What’s Lara Cayci’s greatest painting skill? Patience.

Cayci's finished paintings are often renderings from photographs she's taken.
September 29, 2018
Sophomore Lara Cayci certainly has a gift for painting, but she certainly did not achieve this talent without hard work or patience.

Alm finds the edge of painting

Painting by Isobel Alm in 2017, inspired by a picture of herself with a mask.
Credit: Isobel Alm
Student artist Isobel Alm uses art to express herself and to escape from reality.
September 14, 2018
For minutes, hours, days, and weeks, Isobel Alm spends her time focusing in the art studio. The St. Paul Academy and Summit School art wing is a place where creativity, expression, and the use of the imagination come together.

[ARTIST PROFILE] Lang creates versatile portraiture with acrylics

September 10, 2018
Layer by layer, senior Muriel Lang uses color and small strokes to build her artwork.

Artists take their work beyond the art hallway

This abstract portrait by Tiedemann was made using only markers. “I do a lot of drawing and painting with ink and a lot of messing around with whatever materials I have,” she said.
December 21, 2014
Taking a trip down the art hallway, it is clear to see that artistic minds are at work. Students who work in this creative space express emotions, imagination, and dreams using their hands - in and outside of school.
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