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Skiiers take the lift up to the top of the hill at Buck Hill ski area in Burnsville during the meet.

Culture of Alpine Ski built on co-ed community

Arden Lillemoe, Staff Writer March 9, 2021
Each season is made up of different team members, so each season has its own life of its own. The most common thing I see is first-year members are usually quiet and nearly always come out of their shell by the second season.
At the sculpture garden, this is one of the sculptures that will capture your eye.

[TOP PICKS] Scenic spots around the Twin Cities

Zekiah Juliusson and Henry Burkhardt January 21, 2021
An interactive map shows the best places to spend some time in nature around the cities.

Upper school band adjusts to new regulations

Elle Chen, RubicOnline October 9, 2020
Band director Reid touches on the changes made to band program.
Two people wearing face masks, a worker cleaning the Mary Tyler Moore statue and someone passing by, glance at each other in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Doctor explains how outside affects social distancing

Elizabeth Trevathan, Director of RubicOnline May 17, 2020
Dr. John Hick, medical director for disaster preparedness at Hennepin Healthcare, said wearing masks is a crucial step to limiting the spread of coronavirus.
Ice sculptors work on their pieces during the carnival, allowing anyone to watch the progress of the sculpting.

Winter Carnival provides opportunity to enjoy the (very cold) outdoors

Claire Hallaway , The Rubicon Editor January 24, 2019
The Saint Paul Winter Carnival runs from Jan. 24-Feb. 3 at locations across the city.
There are many benefits to spending more time outdoors, such as lowering stress and increasing energy.

Students need more outdoor social spaces

Nitya Thakkar, Aureus EIC October 30, 2018
Students need more outdoor social spaces, since the outdoors can provide numerous benefits such as lower stress and improve focus.
Minnesotans are fortunate to have these seasonal bursts of color, but it seems that many people, especially teenagers, take this for granted and fail to stop for even a minute to admire the natural beauty of autumn. Taking a short break from the stress of schoolwork to go outside for a fall stroll around the neighborhood has many benefits.

Teenagers should learn to appreciate the outdoors by getting outside

Krista Schlinger, The Rubicon Editor October 25, 2016
With the fall leaves and great weather, it is important for teenagers to get outside and experience the season.
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