The Rubicon

Students and faculty go mad for May Madness

Every activity is worth a different number of points, depending on its complexity. Photos serve as verification that the challenge was completed.

Lynn Reynolds, RubicOnline

May 25, 2020

As a tribute to school spirit, students participated in May Madness this past month sending in photos of themselves performing fun activities to keep their class in the lead and possibly win a hilarious reward.

Annie Kristal

College freshman Kristal makes one of her many Trillers at St. Catherine University's track.

Lizzie Kristal, The Rubicon

April 21, 2020

After moving back home from college, screens and Netflix have helped class of 19' alumni Kristal stay away from the constant buzzing of COVID-19 news.

What’s new in the environment? Four things you may not know are happening…

The Yarnery in St. Paul sells the Weather or Knot kits to create a timeline of weather events in a wearable accessory to spread awareness about environmental data protection.

Elizabeth Trevathan, RubicOnline

March 3, 2020

The local climate conversation has turned to microplastics, pollution deaths, temperature scarves, and how climate change is prioritized.

Cheng auditions for Jeopardy in hopes of becoming… Pope

US English Teacher Vincent Cheng entertains his students with his witty jokes and funny stories.

Will Schavee, RubicOnline

December 6, 2019

US English teacher Vincent Cheng auditions to be on Jeopardy and shares his experience with funny and witty responses.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Verifying news sources vital to combating misinformation

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Verifying news sources vital to combating misinformation

The Rubicon Staff

February 14, 2019

In an age where the internet dictates news feeds, it is vital that students check facts while casually reading news with the same vigilance as when conducting research.

The Current (Events): You can handle the truth

The Current (Events): You can handle the truth

Jack Benson, Editor in Chief

February 14, 2019

Through algorithms and the intrinsic property of the internet to create space for echo chambers, one can too easily have to struggle to find the truth.

THE VENT: Readers should expand media choices to holistically inform personal opinions

THE VENT: Readers should expand media choices to holistically inform personal opinions

Spencer Allen, Columnist

November 17, 2016

The narrowing of information and opinion sources for individuals has led to a deep political divide.

Students and teachers march against Islamaphobia

MSA members, teachers and other SPA students march and hold signs to protest  against Islamophobia.

Isabel Saavedra-Weis, RubicOnline Editor

September 26, 2016

"No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA!" Anyone between May Day Books and the Republican Headquarters on Saturday the 17th would have most likely heard coming from the streets. Muslim Students Alliance, or MSA, a school club made last year took part in the march this year, and opened the opportunity to...

Finalized dress code published in 2015-16 student planner

From left to right: sophomores Ashley Jallen and Sophia Rose, and seniors Lexi Hilton and Sabrina Brown model the new dress code.

Clare Tipler, Sports Editor

September 11, 2015

The new dress code has been published in the Student Planner.

Wickstrum hired as new Athletic Director

Emily Thissen, News Editor

May 5, 2015

New female Athletic Director appointed by student and staff Search Committee.