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The New York Times Cooking website is a great source of food inspiration and new recipes. Dishes such as this “Sheet-Pan Kielbasa with Cabbage and Beans” are perfect for busy school nights, as it takes only 35 minutes to make.

[PHOTO STORY] Cooking during the pandemic sparks family connections

Eliana Mann, Staff Writer April 22, 2021
Reporter Eliana Mann and Wafa Naqvi talk about the power of cooking with family.
Over one-hundred people marched down Grand Ave. carrying signs with different words but the same message. Black women matter.

St. Paul march calls for the protection of black women

Elizabeth Trevathan, Director of RubicOnline October 13, 2020
Over 100 people attended the Protect Black Women Rally & March in St. Paul on Oct. 10.
Two people wearing face masks, a worker cleaning the Mary Tyler Moore statue and someone passing by, glance at each other in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Doctor explains how outside affects social distancing

Elizabeth Trevathan, Director of RubicOnline May 17, 2020
Dr. John Hick, medical director for disaster preparedness at Hennepin Healthcare, said wearing masks is a crucial step to limiting the spread of coronavirus.
Junior Rashmi Raveendran scrolls through the main headlines for the New York Times. She said, “I know about it but I don’t use it too much. I feel like people might not even recognize that we have access to it since it happens automatically on your computer. I think if more people realized that the school pays for accounts for all of us, then everyone would use it much more often.”

It’s time to start reading the Times

Bobby Verhey, Social Media Manager September 20, 2019
Despite the school paying for a subscription to news sites like the New York Times, many students are unaware and fail to take advantage.
The Post, directed by Steven Spielberg retells the Pentagon Papers, a supreme court case that supported The Washington Post's freedom of press.

[MOVIE REVIEW] The Post recounts monumental case for freedom of the press

Nitya Thakkar , RubicOnline Editor January 25, 2018
The Post, directed by Steven Spielberg recreates the timeline in the supreme court decision that ended in freedom for the press.
Column: Media should show equal worth among human lives

Column: Media should show equal worth among human lives

Nick Cohen, Columnist January 21, 2014

Scrolling through headlines of the New York Times, there is a clear dichotomy of human worth that plagues the minds of countless Americans. “Bombings in Baghdad Kill More Than 2 Dozen Civilians.” “Suicide...

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