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Controversy surrounds Freshman Safari

Freshman Ashley Jallen reacts to freshman safari.  To hear Jallen's opinion and those of other students, please watch the RubiconTV video below.

Eva Perez-Greene, Editor in Chief

September 19, 2014

It's the first dance of the school year.  Freshman are pulled onto the dance floor -- willingly or not -- for a dance with an upperclassmen.  Often, this dancing involves grinding or groping and may or may not be consensual.  It's called Freshman Safari. Freshman Safari should not exist. It...

Prayer & tradition shape personal beliefs

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Laura Slade, A&E Editor

March 27, 2014

Some diversity is visible to the naked eye, but some cannot be known just by looking at someone. At St. Paul Academy and Summit School, religious diversity, while less visually prevalent, is undoubtedly ubiquitous. Sophomore Caswell Burr is a Unitarian-Universalist. Unitarian Universalism is unique...

Math team tallies up a satisfying season

Members of math team listen to Upper School mathematics teacher Bill Boulger (not pictured) as he explains the upcoming competition. “As always, Mr. Boulger is absolutely incredible. He’s everything the Math Team could want and more,” senior captain Vittorio Orlandi said.

Hannah Johnson, Editor in Chief

March 18, 2014

State: the dream for any high school competitor. The biggest stage in Minnesota for students to show their talents, dedication and hard work. Many sports teams work all year to compete on these stages, which include huge arenas such as the Xcel Energy Center, the Metrodome and Target Center. For St....

Math meets involve food, formulas, and finishing at the top

St. Paul Academy and Summit School hosted the last regular season math meet on Feb. 10.  “As there are eight people on the scoring team, four people do each [individual] event,” junior member Neerja Thakkar said.

Hannah Johnson, Editor in Chief

March 7, 2014

While many students know the basic rules to competitions such as sports and debate, most would have no idea what goes on at a math team competition. Junior math team member Neerka Thakkar explains what a typical meet is like for the successful St. Paul Academy and Summit School math team. When traveling to t...

Mandela’s legacy lives on

South Africans mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela by holding vigil outside his home Johannesburg, South Africa on Dec. 5. “I think that we were remembering his legacy even before he died,” sophomore Calla Saunders said.

Meghan Joyce, Staff Writer

December 18, 2013

Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to ending the racially oppressive system of apartheid in South Africa, where he became a source of inspiration and a moral compass worldwide. According to an article in The New York Times, Mandela was surrounded by family on Dec. 5 when he died peacefully at age 95,...

In the aftermath of a strong season, Math Team rebuilds

Thomas Toghramadjian, Opinions Editor

November 20, 2013

At the last spring recognition assembly, the math team walked down from the bleachers to hoist their trophy for first place in Tier 2 of the Minnesota High School Mathematics League. The team has changed since then, but its mission and dedication haven’t. “Every single one of the seniors on the tea...

Spanish exchange students depart

Spanish exchange students pose for a group photo. “My favorite things that I have done [in Minnesota] are shopping in Albertville and Mall of America and staying with Neerja’s family,

Gita Raman, Feature Editor

September 30, 2013

Homecoming week was exciting for the Spanish exchange students. Their stay in Minnesota included visits to the Mall of America, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches. Spanish exchange student Cristina Montero, staying with junior Neerja Thakkar said, “My favorite things that I have done are shopping ...

Spoken word poet Joyce Lee hosts workshop

Spoken word poet Joyce Lee discussed shaping open and creative communities. “I don’t stay on shallow subjects for long,

Eva Perez-Greene, InDepth Editor

September 11, 2013

Spoken word poet and instructor Joyce Lee hosted a creative and informative workshop on Sept. 9 after school. Juniors Bella Martinez and Emma Rodgerson asked Lee to visit St. Paul Academy and Summit School after seeing her perform at an annual event called “That’s What She Said,” held at the Bryan...

Asian students face unique college obstacles

Lucy Li, Cover Story Editor

May 6, 2013

Chinese-American senior Jeremy Tong was clear in his view. “Race can also help you a lot as a student, but it also hurts a lot of people,” he said. Sophomore Neerja Thakkar shared her opinion. “It used to be that being Asian would help you since colleges wanted diversity,” she said, “but...